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Equitation Services

I have been riding for over 20 years both competitively & non-competitively and have ridden a variety of horses.


I am a calm, quiet & unobtrusive rider who is empathatic, doesn't yank on the reins or boot with the heels!


I have brought on a few horses to compete over the years often with their own quirks and cheeky personalities. Each horse is an individual that needs to be understood and managed dependant on their needs.


Happy to help with your horse or pony- at whatever stage of training- you can be happy that i will be honest, empathetic & realistic.




Suitable for any type of horse or pony, lunging is an excellent form of exercise and a great way of improving a horse suppleness, responsiveness and fitness.


Lunging (30 mins)  £ 15.00











Ridden Exercise


General exercise- hacking or light schooling only. Ideal for those wanting their horses exercised while they are on holiday, ill or unavailable.


Exercise (30 mins)  £ 10.00

Exercise (60 mins)  £ 15.00


Horse Preparation 


This service covers the preparation of horse/ pony in the absence of the owner when the service is carried out. Can include bringing in or turning out, quick groom and tacking up.


Price does not apply for equitation services used with holiday cover.  


Horse Preparation  £ 5.00

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